Home Made Products

At Vace, we take pride in offering a menu filled with homemade Italian delights crafted with Mr. Calcagno's authentic recipes that have been cherished since 1976. From our handmade fresh and dry pastas in a variety of flavors and cuts to our frozen stuffed pasta options like Manicotti, Ravioli and Tortellini, each item is made with care and tradition. Our homemade sauces and frozen entrees, such as Lasagna and Stuffed Shells, are prepared with the same dedication to quality and taste. Click below to explore our full menu and experience the true essence of Italian cuisine at Vace.

Are you craving a fun and cozy family pizza night? Look no further! Grab our homemade items! We have the dough, the pizza sauce, and the toppings to craft your very own pizza from the comfort of your own home! Enjoy our homemade pizza dough and fresh mozzarella straight from our kitchen to your table.